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Growing Up In A Career Of Claims And Workers’ Compensation
By Eddie Avilez - May 25, 2018

I’m anxious.  My palms are sweaty.  It took three tries but finally the Windsor knot is ready.  My mind is heavy but I’ve got to get going.  I can’t be late. 

My first day is here, it’s time to meet my fate. This 210 freeway is bananas; it’s turning me into a crybaby.  I can’t even drink coffee because my stomach is achy.  An hour and a half later, my feet are numb and lazy.  How do adults do this every day?  I say it’s crazy! 

Is it too late to call my Marine Corp recruiter back on Main Street?  Maybe to calm down, I should listen to another track by NWA or Jay-Z.  The doors swing open, as I enter the land of fluorescent lighting and grey cubicles… to God I pray this day goes by fast and doesn’t turn me into a pragmatic individual.

The Day Of The Dead, When The Living And The Dead Party Together.
By Jorge Alexandria - October 31, 2017

One day in 1987, when I was in uniform as an Army medic – part of the 3rd Infantry Division stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia-- a call came on the “nine line”, the medevac coded alert system.  A U.S. soldier had been gravely injured during a peacetimecombat readiness evaluation. Medevac missions are ranked as urgent, priority, or routine. This was an urgent call so I grabbed my gear (containing among other things- bandages, abdominal dressings, flexible plastic coverings, IV clamps and morphine), and boarded the helo.  Within 5 minutes, the Black Hawk blasted its twin 1,600 horse power engines, spooled up to a deafening roar, and hoovered over the terrain at 180 mph (I sure miss that!).

Barely on the ground, we hustled the stocky, young, wounded infantryman onto a stretcher and into the helo.  He had a full sleeve tattoo and had just turned 23.  He had been hit and crushed by a heavy supply box that had been air dropped.  He had sustained severe traumatic injuries.

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