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Haunted by Aliens, Secreted, and with Claims Denied
By Jorge Alexandria - October 31, 2019

99 Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont
Hielt man für Ufos aus dem All
Darum schickte ein General
'ne Fliegerstaffel hinterher

 - Nena (Kerner), 99 Luftballons, 1984

In one simple catchy chorus, the German singer, Nena, sums up the Cold War in our era of nuke-laden bombers.  The song, as cited in a newspaper article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal is about five local high school students who play a prank to simulate a UFO by launching 99 aluminized Mylar balloons in the Nevada desert. A bunch of these balloons show up on the radar as unidentified objects and the Air Force scrambles planes to full alert to counteract a perceived nuclear attack. The song finishes with the singer walking through the devastated ruins of the world and finding a balloon. The final line of the piece is the same in German and English: "Denk' an dich und lass' ihn fliegen," or "I think of you and let it go.” Surrealistically, we then hear the balloon float away.

To A Veteran I Knew And Remember On Memorial Day
By Jorge Alexandria - May 27, 2019

On this Memorial Day weekend in May of 2019, while we all gather to enjoy our barbecues, families, and our precious liberty, I will remember with fondness and deep respect my former claims assistant, Timothy Patric Archer, who served in the Vietnam War. 

Tim was not only an efficient workers’ compensation claims assistant but also one of the finest men I have ever known. And I am positive I am only one of many who would say that. He was killed, not on the battlefield, but rather from battlefield stress, post-Vietnam, of a massive stroke on the night of February 24, 1999 at the age of 50.

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