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Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County Ends In Mistrial
By Lonce Lamonte - April 18, 2019

By 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon, April 17th 2019, the jury for the trial of Jon Woods, workers’ compensation applicants’ attorney, announced they were hung and could not come to a unanimous verdict. 

Jon Woods sat at the defendants’ table at this moment in time wearing a black suit, in contrast to his usual and customary grey suit.  He has two fine grey suits.  However, this day he switched it up.

Woods’ lawyer, Richard Wynn, who wore a white shirt in contrast to one of his vibrant pink, lime green, or lavender shirts, had predicted a hung jury the day prior.  He knew it from what he’d heard.  However, the judge stated this was the first time the jury conceded to being hung. 

Prosecution Got Last Word In Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County. Jury Was Still Deliberating On Wednesday, April 17th, At 2 PM.
By Lonce Lamonte - April 17, 2019

By two o’clock this afternoon, there was still no peep out of the jury in the trial of Jon Woods.  The trial of the applicants’ attorney had wound up with closing arguments on April 8th, and the jury sequestered that day by mid-afternoon.  Thus, ever since, the jury has been in deliberations.

In court room C-40 in Orange County Superior Court, a juror was excused on Monday and an alternate juror came in as a replacement yesterday, Tuesday morning.  Judge Patrick Donahue gave instructions for them to start over in picking a foreperson and to go back to square one with their deliberations. 

Jury Deliberations In Jon Woods Trial Continue With Juror Number Three Being Excused And Replaced By An Alternate
By Lonce Lamonte - April 15, 2019

At 3:45 pm today, in court room C-40 on the 10th floor in Orange County Superior Court, the prosecution represented by Maeleesa Street and the defense, represented by Richard Wynn and his client, Jon Woods, applicants’ attorney, met before the judge. At the end of the proceedings, the parties met briefly before the jury and the judge together in open court.

They were there to discuss the problems with the jury and to agree upon a solution. Jon was wearing a poignantly lavender shirt with his usual and customary grey suit, and his lawyer was wearing a white shirt. They seemed to have traded shirts.  

Jon Woods' Attorney Closes By Stating Insurance Companies Are Asking The Orange County DA To Do Its Dirty Work
By Lonce Lamonte - April 15, 2019

On April 8th 2019, Monday, Richard Wynn, defense attorney for defendant Jon Woods who is an applicants’ attorney, continued with his closing arguments.  This time Richard wore a pink shirt with a black suit. 

Jon Woods has been charged with 37 counts which include conspiracy, reckless disregard for the law, and intent to defraud.  On this day, April 8th, Woods sat in his usual spot at the far right end of the table within the court well in one of his grey suits with a white shirt. 

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