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Beverly Mitchell Couldn't Cover Up Her One Million Dollar Lies As She Faced Defendant Sim Hoffman, M.D. From The Witness Stand
By Lonce LaMon - October 4, 2015

Beverly Mitchell, Dr. Sim Hoffman’s “office manager” testified in the Preliminary Hearing of The People vs. Sim Hoffman M.D. and Thomas Heric M.D. in Orange County on September 24th and 30th 2015.  This writer puts “office manager” in quotes because Beverly Mitchell was simply too weak and too constantly afraid of Hoffman to be a real functioning manager.   She didn’t have the strength and maturity to implement changes demanded from the agencies and insurance payers from the outside.
She was always trying to please Hoffman, like a child wanting to please a corrupt parent-tyrant; which meant always cow-towing to Hoffman’s corruption.  She also tolerated Louis Santillan, Hoffman’s collections’ hearing rep, refusing to acknowledge she had any authority over him.
Dr. Hoffman allegedly told Beverly Mitchell to monitor Louis Santillan’s collections’ reports but then not to worry when she discovered Santillan’s thefts.  Santillan was bringing in a lot of money.  That justified his thefts with Dr. Hoffman, according to Beverly’s testimony (which isn’t reliable, to say the least).

Beverly Mitchell, Dr. Hoffman's Former Office Manager, Breaks Down and Weeps On The Stand. She Accepted One Million Dollars In Severance Pay In Exchange For Her Silence.
By Lonce LaMon - September 30, 2015

Beverly Mitchell, Dr. Sim Hoffman’s former office manager, took the stand last Thursday, September 24th and then again today, Wednesday, September 30th to complete her testimony in the Preliminary Hearing of the People vs. Sim Hoffman, M.D. and Thomas Heric, M.D. in Orange County at the Westminster branch of the Superior Court. Both days she appeared in black pants and stiletto high heeled shoes supported by her exquisitely slender figure. She was also supported by her attorney, the well-known and well-connected power-lawyer Marlon Stapleton.
Beverly today broke down on the stand and descended into tears while questioned by prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour. After being grilled doggedly by Hoffman defense attorney, Bill Fleming, with regards to the egregious inconsistency of her testimony over two court days, plus in relation to her prior depositions and testimonies at Louis Santillan’s arbitration hearing in 2009, along with another case during that time period before the WCAB, Beverly broke finally when Shaddi flat out asked her if she lied at the Louis Santillan arbitration hearing in 2009.
Shaddi Kamiabipour:   Ms. Mitchell, did you lie at the arbitration hearing?
Beverly Mitchell:  Yes.

California DWC Launches New Online QME Form 106 Panel Process October 1st
By CA Dept of Industrial Relations - September 29, 2015

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) will implement a new online panel process for represented initial panel requests on October 1. It requires parties in a represented case to submit initial Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) panel requests online and immediately receive a QME panel. The requesting party will then serve the panel request form, any required documentation and the QME on all parties with a proof of service.

“Represented injured workers can get QME medical legal without delay, and this will also allow DWC resources to help unrepresented workers obtain panel doctors,” said Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). DWC is a division of DIR.

Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah Appears For Pretrial On Friday, September 25th. However, Dr. Uwaydah Himself Does Not Appear And Neither Does Wendee Luke.
By Lonce LaMon - September 27, 2015

It was deja-vu on Friday morning, September 25th 2015, in the Downtown Los Angeles criminal court house in court room 109, the department of the Honorable Kathleen Kennedy.  It was here that Kelly Soo Park was acquitted by a Los Angeles jury in this very same court room back on June 4th 2013 in a stunning, shattering, and shocking verdict that defied all the evidence.
All the usual and customary players were here from the Kelly Soo Park crowd, filing in at 8:30 AM: her mother Irene, her sister Kim, her Aunt Vallee, her uncle, her cousin and some others who go along regularly with the Park-friends-and-family coterie.   Now that two indictments have been unsealed since September 14th 2015 for massive insurance fraud in Southern California, they’ve all come back to roost.  
There are 15 defendants but only 13 arrests.
The two who have not yet been arrested are Wendee Luke, a Uwaydah assistant, and Dr. Munir Uwaydah himself.  Wendee Luke is believed to be in Estonia, presently.  Uwaydah was last believed to be in Germany. 
The games have begun once again.

More News

September 23, 2015 - Dr. Sylvia de la Llana Takes The Stand In Dr. Hoffman Prelim. She Testifies She Never Performed A Single Fiber EMG.

September 22, 2015 - Dr. Hoffman's Radiologist Testifies With Sarcasm, Hostility, And Rudeness As Preliminary Hearing Continues In Westminster

September 20, 2015 - Now With His Medical License Revoked In California, Dr. Boniface Onubah Testifies In Sim Hoffman, M.D. Prelim in Orange County

September 16, 2015 - Former Work Comp Defense Attorney, Katrina Woolverton, Has New Single On iTunes And Amazon

September 15, 2015 - Kelly Soo Park and Dr. Munir Uwaydah Arrested! Uwaydah To Be Extradited From Germany To The U.S.

September 15, 2015 - Michael Zarrabi Testifies At Prelim Of The People vs. Sim Hoffman, M.D. And Thomas Heric, M.D. On September 11th. Says Dr. Heric Got Annoyed When Questioned About References In Reports That Had Nothing To Do With Sleep Studies.

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