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Illinois Legislature Hearing Measure Spearheaded By Chicago Bears Over Former Players' Ability To Tap Workers Compensation After Career-Ending Injuries. Bears seek to cap certain payments to athletes at no older than 35 or five years after their injury.
By Lonce LaMon - February 24, 2017

The issue of whether pro athletes should be able to receive work comp benefits until they are 67 years old just like non-athlete injured workers is being debated between the Chicago Bears and the NFL Players Association in the Illinois Legislature. It's one element of a compromise proposal aimed to conclude a nearly two-year-long fight over the state's budget.

California Department of Industrial Relations and Division of Workers’ Compensation Suspend Seven Providers for Fraud. Liens associated with the suspended providers total $59 million.
By Lonce LaMon and the News Release From The California Department Of Industrial Relations - February 16, 2017

The California Department of Industrial Relations and its Division of Workers’ Compensation on February 16th 2017 announced it suspended seven medical providers from participating in California’s workers’ compensation system.

The providers have been convicted of workers’ comp fraud or have been suspended from the Medicare or Medicaid programs for medical fraud. The suspended providers have filed more than 8,500 liens in California’s workers’ compensation system, with a total of claim value of at least $59 million.

California Steps Up Workers’ Compensation Premium Fraud Effort
By Barry Zalma - February 15, 2017

The California Department of Industrial Relations is making premium fraud a priority this year as part of the department’s overall fight against workers compensation insurance scams.

Christine Baker, Oakland, California-based director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, estimated the cost of fraudulent employers under-reporting payroll, misclassifying employees or misreporting the number of workers in high-risk occupations costs insurers and ethical businesses up to $15 billion a year.

Uwaydah Case Rife With Attorney-Client Privilege Violations And Discovery Issues. Defense Calls Out In Open Court That Prosecution Should Be Recused.
By Lonce LaMon - February 10, 2017

Jeffrey Isaacs, counsel for defendant Tony Folgar, asked this writer outside the court room of Department 109 before the doors opened on January 6th 2017 “Why haven’t you written that in the indictment of my client 74 out of 75 counts have been dismissed?”  

I told him I have written about it, but I combined the two indictments.  I have previously reported that there are only 34 counts left between the two indictments.  Those are the conspiracy counts and the insurance fraud counts. 98 counts of the two indictments involving aggravated mayhem, capping, and tax evasion have been dismissed. And out of that 98 counts, 74 of them were dismissed from the smaller indictment including just four defendants: Tatiana Arnold, Tony Folgar, Terry Luke, and Yolanda Groscost.  In the larger indictment there are 11 defendants, including Dr. Munir Uwaydah who is on the lam and in Lebanon, and Kelly Soo Park, exonerated for murder, who appeared in court beautiful with her long dark hair and red eyes. 

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February 8, 2017 - Federal Court Blocks Anthem-Cigna Health Insurer Merger Citing Anti-Trust

February 8, 2017 - California DWC Posts Adjustment to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Ambulance Services)

February 2, 2017 - San Diego District Attorney and California Insurance Commissioner Bust Auto Insurance Fraud Ring in San Diego. Nine Defendants Bilked Auto Insurers Out Of $125,000

February 2, 2017 - California DWC Posts Additional Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule (DMEPOS)

January 31, 2017 - California DWC Medical Unit Accepting Applications for Upcoming Qualified Medical Evaluator Examination on April 29

January 26, 2017 - DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Physician Services / Non-Physician Practitioner Services)

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