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Cause Of Death Still Deferred In The Tragic Untimely Death Of Vladimir Carretero
By Lonce LaMon - June 13, 2009

Experienced California Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster, Vladimir Gaston Carretero, died on June 2nd 2009, which was a Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office.  An email was originally written to this writer by an acquaintance of Vladimir’s, in the late afternoon of June 2nd, stating, “This is to inform you that Vladimir Carretero passed away last night of a heart attack.”  I had interpreted “last night” to mean before midnight, and thus wrote in my first report on the death of Vladimir that he had died on Monday, June 1st.

But now Assistant Chief Ed Winter, of the Coroner’s Investigation Department, has corrected that information.  Vladimir actually died on June 2nd.

According to Ed Winter, reading verbatim from the Coroner’s Office Report Of Death on Vladimir, “This 49-year-old male suffered an apparent heart attack.  He was reported to have been having some severe headaches, nausea.  There also was an allegation that he had been kicked and punched by his girlfriend’s daughter and boyfriend during the Memorial Day weekend.”

The “girlfriend” Winter is referring to claims to be Vladimir’s wife.  Her name is Gloria Grotticelli.  Reading further in the report, Ed Winter found the phrase that Vladimir “does not appear to be married.”  But yet according to Winter, Gloria Grotticelli claimed that she and Vladimir were married in April of 2009.  She expressed to the Coroner’s Office that although Vladimir was still married to a previous wife just prior to April of 2009, he had gotten “a quickie divorce”.   And then she and Vladimir got married sometime in April.

“We requested a copy of the marriage certificate,” Winter stated to this writer, “And we got one. From Clark County.  It does not say that the marriage was certified officially, or that it was officially recorded in Clark County.” 

“This thing just goes on and on and on,” Ed Winter further expatiated about the report, “We’re trying to clarify the information about a first marriage.  Gloria called up all upset claiming that other people were claiming to be next of kin.  There’s a whole group of people who have weighed in on this. Anyway, it just goes on and on…  They (the investigators) are still trying to clarify the issue of a first marriage.  And if he (Vladimir) was ever legally divorced.”

Rumors, hearsay, and speculations with respect to how Vladimir really died abound like wildfire.  My previously reported hearsay reports that Vladimir collapsed in the bathroom after showering, or perhaps laid down on the couch when he started to feel unwell, cannot be verified.  They are just hearsay.   The statement that his “wife” encouraged him to seek medical attention after he was punched by the “wife’s” daughter and boyfriend cannot be confirmed either.  Much is still rumor and speculation, and a lot is unknown.

The Coroner’s Report still states “Deferred” for Vladimir Carretero’s Cause Of Death, according to Ed Winter.  “This is still under investigation.  Law enforcement is involved.  As soon as we get all the “tox's” (the toxicology reports) back, the Medical Examiner will be making a determination of the cause of death.
One individual who wrote to this writer, whose name will remain anonymous, stated that the “wife” or “girlfriend”, Gloria Grotticelli, is a suspect.  Whether she is a suspect of murder or manslaughter, or possibly both, perhaps along with her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend, is not clear at this time. 

But what is clear at this time is the fact that Vladimir Carretero’s untimely death is a profound tragedy.  “He went to work with bruises,” said Robert Rice, owner of RRPI, a former employer of Vladimir’s.  “So any one at ESIS (where Vladimir was employed during the five month period just before his death) could have seen what kind of injuries he suffered.” 

“He knew just about everybody,” Rice further stated.  “He was a good guy.  He was a nice person.  He would have been perfect in the placement business.” 



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