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August 21, 2019
Prosecution Pushes Problem Of Conflict Of Interest In Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah Case In Downtown L.A. Kelly Soo Park Comes To Court With An Injured Arm.

August 19, 2019
APEX Investigation (SC) Announces Michael A. Gomez as Executive Vice President of Business Development and General Partner

August 14, 2019
Prosecution Wants To Stop Dr. Uwaydah From Getting Discovery Documents In Order To Curtail Him From Suing Witnesses In Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah Case in Downtown L.A.

August 7, 2019
Memorial Services For Radcliffe T. Alvarez Set For Friday, August 9, 2019

Riverside Case Of Dr. Uwaydah Defendants Gets Underway
By Lonce Lamonte - February 28, 2019

This next set of Dr. Uwaydah defendants appeared in court on Tuesday morning in Riverside, California, as a result of the two new indictments filed in January of this present year.

This case is the post Frontline Medical, Firstline Medical, U.S. Health & Orthopedics fraud ring that metamorphasized into Blue Oak Medical Group all over southern California after Dr. Munir Uwaydah fled California and went on the lam in June of 2010. It's all Dr. Uwaydah's workers' compensation fraud creation that rose like the phoenix from its ashes and got put together from Munir's gilded gage in Beirut, Lebanon. 

It's another multi-mega-million dollar rip off of the California workers' compensation system by fugitive Uwaydah.  Where will it end?  When is Lebanon going to stop harboring this world-wide, international criminal? 

First thing upon entering Department 41, lawyer Gary Kaufman, who represents Uwaydah lawyer Tatiana Torres Arnold in the L.A. case, spoke to this writer and introduced lawyer Paul Grech. Kaufman represents Edgar Lozano and Paul Grech represents pharmacist Kenneth Amadeo.  Amadeo has been in charge of multiple Dr. Uwaydah pharmacies by different names dating back to Golden State Pharmacy back before 2010, and now of late was pharmacist in charge of Talca Pharmaceudicals ostensibly located in Camarillo, California.

Attorney Gary Kaufman already had a statement ready and even printed out on paper.  Clad in a dark pin-stripped suit with a burgundy tie punctuated with white diamonds, he was well ready to make his case. 

Defense lawyer Gary Kaufman:  Mr. Lozano committed no crime. He is not just presumed to be innocent under our laws, he is in fact innocent of all charges.  I fully intend to vigorously defend him against the pending charges and clear his good name.

The court room is like Grand Central Station.  Incarcerated defendants in orange jail outfits are aligned in one of the front benches and in a section of part of the jury box.  The judge, O.G. Magno, a dark complected man of slight build, is juggling cases masterfully. 

Janek Hunt, Dr. Uwaydah’s brother-in-law, is wearing his orange suit and seated on the end of a back row jury seat.  His bail, which has been set at over two million dollars, has clearly not been posted yet.

All the lawyers for this Riverside Uwaydah case go back into judge’s chambers to do an in-camera.  It’s 9:50 am.  When they emerge, all the defendants are called, with the exception of Uwaydah’s former driver, Hector Sandoval, for unknown reasons.

Shannon Devane (Moore) steps forward.  She is out of custody on a $350,000 bail bond.  She’s represented by lawyer Anthony Colombo.  Shannon stands very tall and large, this morning all dressed in black.  She’s been a main operator for Dr. Uwaydah for most likely at least a decade.

Denise Wright, a sandy-blonde haired, mature lawyer in a thin-checked pants suit, represents Rosa Bernal.  Rosa had been an office manager for Blue Oak Medical.

Rosa Bernal is still in custody.  She sat in one of the front seats of the jury box in a blue-grey jail outfit.  Her dark brown hair was parted in the middle and fell in two pig tails down behind her ears. She’s a diminutive woman of 47 years with petite fine facial features.  According to her lawyer, she lives in Covina.

Denise Wright has been trying to get her client out of jail.  She has not so far been able to convince the judge that the money put forth for Rosa’s bail is clean money.

Attorney Denise Wright:  You cannot use your ill gotten gains.

The attorneys are conferring.  Paul Gretch, Winston McKesson who is Janek Hunt’s attorney, Gary Kaufman, and Denise Wright are in a conversation.  Defendant Matthew Rifat is standing in front of Shannon Devane in the front row.  He has an air of arrogance about him. 

Judge O.G. Magno tells the defendants the next court proceeding will be April 24th in department 63 at 8:30 am.  He tells them to be prompt.  He makes a point of promptness.  Then Matthew Rifat speaks out of turn.

Defendant, attorney Matthew Rifat:  I’m an attorney.  I’ll be prompt.

He spoke with an air of superiority like he had to make a point of being an attorney.  He’s a conceited man who has to put on airs. He’s short and was wearing a greenish-brown suit.

Winston McKesson speaks to the judge about moving his client, Janet Hunt, closer to the courthouse.  Thus, it’s clear that Hunt must still be in Murrietta, where he was taken when he was first moved to Riverside county after being moved from Chicago where he was arrested in late 2018.  So, the judge agreed to move Janek to Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

Finally, Rosa Bernal got another bail hearing.  Her lawyer Denise Wright brought a bail bondsman into the court room and managed to negotiate terms for Rosa to be released on a $100,000 bond.  So, Rosa's on her way out as soon as possible. 

But what happened to Dr. Uwaydah's former driver Hector Sandoval?



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