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April 18, 2019
Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County Ends In Mistrial

April 17, 2019
Prosecution Got Last Word In Jon Woods’ Trial In Orange County. Jury Was Still Deliberating On Wednesday, April 17th, At 2 PM.

April 15, 2019
Jury Deliberations In Jon Woods Trial Continue With Juror Number Three Being Excused And Replaced By An Alternate

April 15, 2019
Jon Woods' Attorney Closes By Stating Insurance Companies Are Asking The Orange County DA To Do Its Dirty Work

Indictments Unsealed Against Dr. Munir Uwaydah and Seven of his Co-Conspirators In Riverside County. Five Defendants Incarcerated Within Last Six Days.
By Lonce Lamonte - January 23, 2019

Six more new Dr. Uwaydah cronies were charged with conspiracy and workers’ compensation fraud in Riverside County yesterday.

Two indictments were unsealed on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, in Judge O.C. Magno’s court room, Department 41, at the Hall of Justice in Riverside.  Dr. Munir Uwaydah, who is on the lam and was spotted in a café six days ago in Beirut, was one of the defendants indicted.  Now he has been indicted by two California state district attorneys:  the Los Angeles DA in the year 2015 and the Riverside DA in 2019. 

These two new Riverside county indictments pertain to the egregious frauds focusing on heavy pharmaceutical overbilling and overprescribing manifested at Blue Oak Medical Group at various locations in Southern California. 

Five of the defendants surrendered and are now incarcerated in Riverside county: Kenneth Amodeo, a pharmacist, age 59; Rosa Bernal, office manager, age 47, Shannon Devane (Moore), a long-time employee, age 41; Edgar Lozano, age 52; and Matthew Rifat, an attorney, age 49. 

Janek Hunt, Dr. Uwaydah’s brother-in-law, was also charged in one of the indictments, but he has been incarcerated and charged in a complaint in Riverside County since November 2018.   He is presently waiting while in custody for his closing arguments in his preliminary hearing.  His next prelim date is scheduled for February 1, 2019 in Murrieta. 

Hector Sandoval, Munir Uwaydah’s long-time driver and current CEO of Frontline Medical, an inactive medical group that gave way to Uwaydah’s U.S. Health & Orthopedics in 2010, was indicted but is not in custody.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.  A warrant has also been issued for Uwaydah’s arrest.

Now two arrest warrants are active for Dr. Uwaydah: one from the Los Angeles District Attorney which is active throughout the U.S., Europe, and other select countries around the world via Interpol, and now this new one from the Riverside County District Attorney.  It is known that Dr. Uwaydah is in Beirut, Lebanon, but the whereabouts of Hector Sandoval are presently unknown.

The Riverside and San Bernardino counties’ District Attorneys’ offices began investigating Blue Oak Medical Group in March 2017.  The evidence gathered was presented to a Riverside County criminal grand jury which, after hearing six weeks of testimony, handed down indictments on this past Thursday, January 17th.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office and the California Pharmacy Board also participated in the investigation of Blue Oak Medical.  SIU investigators Vic Beyer of ICW Group and Gordon Oard of Berkshire Hathaway were the catalysts and springboards that started this case from its first clue on the ground floor. 

The jail records for each incarcerated defendant indicate a bail amount of $4,700,000.  But a confidential source confided that most of the bails have been lowered to $500,000 each. 

Perhaps, it can be speculated, Dr. Uwaydah's bail--if he were to get arrested--would be much higher. But that's a big if.  

Would Uwaydah go to Los Angeles? Or to Riverside?  Perhaps no bail would be set. Nothing less than one billion dollars, perhaps. He'd be a huge flight risk. 


Shannon Devane Moore _ Arrest Record _ Riverside _ Jan 2019

Rosa Bernal _ Arrest Record _ Riverside _ Jan 2019

Matthew Rifat _ Arrest Record _ Riverside _ Jan 2019

Kenneth Amodeo _ Arrest Record _Riverside _ Jan 2019

Edgar Lozano _ Arrest Record _ Riverside _ Jan 2019

Janek Hunt _ Arrest Record _Riverside _ Jan 2019

Lonce Lamonte, journalist,; copyright adjustercom and Lonce Lamonte, all rights reserved


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