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In The Matter Of Munir Uwaydah, M.D.-- For The Workers' Compensation Fraud Doctor, Deception And Dishonesty Are The Sine Qua Non Of His Life
By Douglas Cameron - October 28, 2010

In March 1995, I was invited to move to Northern California to work for a computer systems company in Silicon Valley. That move resulted in career success, but a failure of my marriage and the removal of my children from my life. However, moving forward as a single professional, I found myself meeting and dating a few California women, many being single mothers, and over the years I have been asked to help several of them.  These women, their families and their friends had to deal with complex problems involving chemical dependencies, troubled family relationships, and domestic violence.

Some of the names used in this article have been changed to protect the identities of the women who have been threatened.

In mid-April 2008, my friend Marcie (not her real name) contacted me while I was working on a project in the California Central Valley and started telling me this incredible but intriguing story about her friend Jeannie (not her real name), a model in Beverly Hills, who had gotten involved with a prominent back surgeon from Lebanon named Dr. Munir Marwan Uwaydah, who had promised to marry her, impregnated her, allegedly tried to poison her, abandoned her just weeks before she gave birth to his son, and then subsequently threatened to kidnap the son and take him to Lebanon, which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

I was told that Jeannie had hired an attorney to represent her in court to get legal custody of her son and to get some child support, but the case had been delayed and was set to be dismissed in mid-June 2008, because Dr. Munir Uwaydah refused to be served to appear in court. Marcie asked me if I could meet with Jeannie, who had moved out of Los Angeles, to see if there was anything I could do to help her.

I met with Jeannie and was provided with an extensive amount of research material on this Lebanese doctor (Munir Uwaydah) that had been assembled by Jeannie, with help from many of her friends, and professional private investigators, and court records on her case with the doctor. These records included references to places the doctor had lived, including Massachusetts, Hawaii, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, New York City, San Francisco Peninsula, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, a dog breeding farm near San Diego, a beautiful horse farm and chateau in Germany and another horse farm being developed from an historic government mansion outside the capital of Estonia, part of the former Soviet Union, and Beirut, Lebanon.

These records identified that the alleged single, never married doctor with no children (allegedly born in Boston in April 1966) actually had active concurrent involvement with several young women, and had children with various women.  One included his wife Kadri Valjaotsana Uwaydah, a former Miss Estonia (1998) whom he married in Las Vegas on January 1, 2000, with whom he has three children living with his mother in Lebanon (Farihan Renno); another is Helga Heinenbach (not her real name), a woman (born in Germany in 1982) Munir Uwaydah met in Germany and brought here to the U.S. in 2001 on a student visa, educated at USC, and who has been living with the doctor for approximately 9 years in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey, and who has twin children fathered by the doctor (born in June 2006); and Jeannie who started dating Munir Uwaydah in May 2006, gave birth to Dr. Uwaydah’s son in June 2007, and was abandoned by Uwaydah in October 2007; and Juliana Redding, who dated Munir Uwaydah from about September 2007 until she was murdered at the age of 21 on March 16, 2008.

Public records also indicated this Dr. Munir Uwaydah was named as the Defendant in several medical malpractice suits in California, the Defendant in a medical business fraud scheme involving GE Medical Systems in Europe and Saudi Arabia, had several judgments and UCC liens filed against him in California, Ohio, and Lebanon, allegations of medical fraud involving California's State Compensation Insurance Fund, allegations of insurance fraud based on excessive expenses for prescription medications and unnecessary surgical procedures billed to private insurance companies, alleged hiring of a criminal to physically assault one of Jeannie’s friends after she had disclosed to Jeannie certain details of the doctor’s relationship with other women and his alleged fraud, and the alleged agreement with Kelly Soo Park to violently and maliciously murder Juliana Redding. It is notable that Juliana Redding had very similar physical features as Jeannie.

When I met with Jeannie initially, she was not working, and was very concerned about being able to work again as a professional model, as she was still carrying the weight from her pregnancy with her son. She had provided all of her available funds to a California attorney (for the $4,000 retainer), which had been totally consumed by the attorney in the process of accomplishing nothing.

I borrowed all the documentation Jeannie had assembled and went back to work at my regular job, using my free time in the evenings to research Dr. Munir Uwaydah.

One of the first things I noticed was the number of aliases Dr. Munir Uwaydah was using, and the number of businesses that he had created using these aliases, under which he was doing business. A partial list of aliases include: Munir Marwan Uwaydah, Munir Marwam Uwaydah, Munir Unaydah, Mounir Munir Uwaypah, Munir D Uwaydah, Munir Urwaydah, Mounir M Uwaydah and M Uwaydah Munir MD.

The first significant event that was noted in the public record was a lawsuit that found its way into the Irish High Court when Munir Uwaydah was about 22 years of age (1988). It was noted that Munir and his partner Kamel Naamani (who operated a firm called Westwend International) settled a law suit with a Joe Kenny, in a financial transaction involving 50 metric tons of gold bullion (2008 estimated value $1.5 Billion), that apparently fell under the total control of Munir Uwaydah when his partner, Naamani, was accidently killed in a hand grenade explosion in Beirut a year later (1989).

Further investigation identified the purchase of a 16th century historic mansion (known as the Paardu Mansion) outside the capital of Estonia, one of the countries within the former Soviet Union, which had been purchased from the Estonian government by Munir Uwaydah and his Estonian wife Kadri in 2000 (d/b/a Fort Holding) for the purpose of breeding and raising horses. The agreement reached with the Estonian government as part of that sale was that the Uwaydahs would make improvements to this mansion.

In 2004 Fort Holding was sold to a Lebanese company (Pergola SAL), presumably owned by Dr. Munir Uwaydah. By June 2008, approximately $1.5 million had moved through the Paardu Mansion from unknown sources to the German horse farm, yet no improvements were being made to the mansion, as agreed to with the Estonian government.

The documents signed by the Uwaydahs as part of this purchase indicated the doctor’s name to be Mounir Mohamad Marwan Uwaydah. It is unclear whether this is his real name, or another alias.

Dr. Munir Uwaydah has established his reputation as quite the ladies man in Estonia, apparently with sexual preferences for young Eastern European women. His first Estonian fiance was Eha Urbsalu, a former international beauty queen from the Soviet Union, and Estonia (1988). She was born in May 1971 and was engaged to Munir Uwaydah for 7 years, and in that time she lived with him in Beirut while it was being bombed; she also lived with him in Ohio while he was creating the Prometheus Corporation in Pennsylvania to defraud GE Medical Systems, and also lived with him in Florida, New York and Northern California.

Munir Uwaydah then brought Eha Urbsalu to Los Angeles and helped her establish a talent and beauty agency. Dr. Uwaydah then returned to Estonia where he met Kadri, took her to Los Angeles to study and train under Eha as her protégé, then Kadri returned to Estonia and became Miss Estonia in 1998. She then replaced Eha Urbsalu as Munir’s fiancé and married Munir Uwaydah in Las Vegas on January 1, 2000, and has since been living with his mother in Lebanon, raising their three children. Eha is now living in New York, and is considered a very successful international film star and music artist.

At approximately the same time that the fraud was being committed against GE Medical Systems in Europe, Munir Uwaydah found himself traveling through Germany where he met Helga Heinenbach. Helga assisted him in creating the German chateau and horse farm. Munir Uwaydah then brought her to California on a student visa and enrolled her in USC.  Helga gave birth to his twins in June 2006.

Munir Uwaydah was very intent on keeping the women with whom he was having simultaneous liaisons from knowing about each other.  He was essentially living with Helga Heinenbach as her common-law husband. He never disclosed to Helga that he was legally married to someone else, had other children with his wife in Lebanon, and that he was going out to strip tease bars wearing his surgical scrubs, dating other women, and eventually would support one with wire transfers of $10,000 per month from Frontline Medical, the practice of which he was majority owner.

In May 2006, Dr. Munir Uwaydah was introduced to Jeannie in a Los Angeles men’s club. Within a short time he was sleeping over in her apartment and having sex with her, but he always had an excuse to leave her by midnight (so he could go home to his Westside apartment where he lived with Helga and their newborn twins).
Within a short time, Jeannie started talking about her relationship with her new boyfriend (Dr. Munir Uwaydah) to some of her friends.  One friend (Sarah, not her real name) told her that she had also recently dated Munir Uwaydah, but learned that he had been lying to her, and thus refused to continue dating him.

Jeannie verbally probed Munir Uwaydah about his dating of Sarah, and disclosed to Uwaydah the warnings Sarah had given her about him.  This communication by Jeannie to Uwaydah was promptly followed by an attempted personal assault on Sarah by an unknown assailant using a knife in Los Angeles. It has been presumed that Munir Uwaydah hired the assailant to attack Sarah to prevent her from talking any further about Munir Uwaydah’s business and personal affairs.

In early October 2006, Munir Uwaydah took Jeannie to Germany, supposedly to attend the Octoberfest activities. Jeannie was accompanied by Marisa E. Schermbeck (a/k/a Marisa Grzechowiak), Munir Uwaydah’s primary administrator in California and Ohio, and taken to the German chateau and horse farm. This trip was taken a few days after Jeannie's gynecologist prescribed a regiment of treatment for an acute condition.  She was advised not to have sexual relations by that doctor. 

Jeannie explained this to Dr. Munir Uwaydah, but he ignored her request to not have sexual relations, and he told her that he was an experienced physician and they could have sexual relations without harm and without her getting pregnant. He was wrong. He demanded Jeannie have sex with him in Germany, which got her pregnant with Dr. Munir Uwaydah’s son.

That’s when the real confidence schemes of Dr. Munir Uwaydah started with Jeannie. She was asked to stop modeling and in return he promised to pay her $10,000.00 per month. She received two wire transfers a month from Frontline Medical to her private bank account in the amounts of $5,000 each.

She went shopping with Munir Uwaydah and was promised a 7 karat diamond engagement ring. That was a scam. He promised to buy her a home in Beverly Hills, which he eventually did, which was a home in the name of his business partner, Paul Turley which was purchased as a fixer-upper. She was promised a new Mercedes Benz, and that was a scam.

By December 2006, the complexity of all the compound lies and trickery started to unravel for Munir Uwaydah.

He decided to bring his ailing father to a local Los Angeles Hospital and told Jeannie that he was also bringing over his mother, sister and his sister’s two children. He told Helga Heinenbach that his father had some type of serious, possibly contagious disease of the brain, and suggested she spend some time with her family in Germany, which she did, leaving her twins in Los Angeles.

When Munir Uwaydah’s family arrived from Lebanon, Jeannie called the hospital, was connected to Uwaydah’s father’s room, and learned that the Munir’s sister with the two children that were coming from Lebanon were actually Munir Uwaydah’s wife Kadri and their two children. After learning that Munir Uwaydah was married, and while speaking with Kadri, Jeannie was asked by Kadri to abort her child, which Jeannie initially agreed to do, but after listening to her child’s heart beat during a subsequent ultrasound procedure, she could not proceed with the abortion.

While Helga Heinenbach was out of the country during this time, Munir Uwaydah prepared court documents filed in the Santa Monica court, with assistance by Marisa Schermbeck and a corrupt Notary, falsifying the signature of Helga on the court documents, granting Munir Uwaydah both legal and physical custody of both of his children by Helga Heinenbach, without her knowledge or consent.

The next six months turned into a wild roller coaster ride of emotional upsets and trauma for Jeannie. Munir Uwaydah had to come up with a totally new set of lies to keep his women in their places. He promised Jeannie that he was going to return to Lebanon and divorce his wife Kadri Uwaydah. That never happened. Jeannie was living in an apartment, and when the lease came up for renewal, she was encouraged to leave her home and move in with Munir Uwaydah in one of his other properties, owned by one of his many shell corporations in Marina Del Rey.

The arguments continued, and by the end of May, 2007, Jeannie was 7 ½ months pregnant and was locked out of the property in Marina Del Rey. Munir Uwaydah stopped providing her the allowance of $10,000.00 per month and she was left with no choice but to call her family and ask them for help. She was picked up and taken out of state to live with her mother.

This article is one segment in an ongoing series.  It will soon be continued. 

Next segment can be found here:

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