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June 19, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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June 13, 2019
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June 13, 2019
California Division of Workers’ Compensation Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Physician Services / Non-Physician Practitioner Services)

Defense Argues That Carlos Arguello's Greed Is What The Jury Needs To Look At In Jon Woods' Trial In Orange County.
By Lonce Lamonte - April 14, 2019

Richard Wynn, Jon Woods’ defense attorney, appeared on April 4th 2019 in Orange County Superior Court, the court room of the Honorable Patrick Donahue, to deliver his closing arguments in the trial of Jon Woods.

He was clad in a vibrant, lime green shirt.  It was a gorgeous, beautiful shirt right out of the wardrobe of Jay Gatsby, the protagonist in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  That exquisite shirt woke up any jurors that may have been inclined to dose off, as did Wynn’s poignantly dark hair, in its spiked-style cut, along with his Vietnamese cadence and accent to his English.  

His client, applicants’ attorney Jon Woods, sat to his right at the right end of the table in the court well.  He wore one of his grey suits: he likes grey suits.  He looks just like what he is:  a handsome, aging lawyer from the younger baby-boom generation.  His short, brown-grey hair is thinning. His thin rimmed glasses are subtle and blend into his finely sculpted face. 

Richard Wynn:  Arguello…  what a character!  Like Michael Cohen…

Wynn went on grandiloquently about what a liar Carlos Arguello is.  Wynn expatiated about how Arguello lied to his sister, lied to his customers, and as the owner of the marketing company that Jon Woods hired, pumped his client full of deceptions. 

All because of greed…

Richard Wynn:  You go on a blind date.  A couple years later, more comes out…

Wynn spoke of how Carlos Arguello saw so much money.  He really wanted to grab as much of it as he could.  Some years after starting out in the advertising for attorneys’ business, he bumped into Fermin Iglesias, who ran Providence Scheduling and knew the willing and able applicants’ doctors. 

Arguello teamed up with Fermin Iglesias outside of Jon Woods’ knowledge.  Arguello testified that he didn’t tell his clients of his deals with other service providers. He didn’t reveal his connections and contracts.  He kept employees and clients in the dark. 

Arguello told Woods what he needed to know so he’d sign up.  Wynn didn’t see Carlos Arguello sharing the money because, he argued, of greed. 

Richard Wynn:  Hey… this is really good...  That’s what greed is all about.  My mind on my check.  My check on my mind.  And he was really good at it… Until January of 2016 when he got caught. 

In January 2016, Carlos Arguello was arrested by the federal government.  He was charged.  He made a plea agreement.  He was charged by the Orange County District Attorney in June of 2017.  He made a plea agreement. 

Richard Wynn:  10 years or less…  That’s why he’s cooperating.  The greed…  Don’t worry I’ve got other people.  And who is the underdog?  The people who got wrongfully denied. 

Wynn is talking about the claimants who got wrongfully denied. 

Richard Wynn:  So, greed got the better of them. Take away my opposition.  And so… greed got the better of the insurance companies too.  Take away my competition…  judge, jury, and executioner.

Wynn talked about reasonable doubt.  “What is Reasonable Doubt?” he asked the jury,  It’s imaginary or possible doubt. 

Richard Wynn:  If there is a reason to act, that’s reasonable doubt. 

Mr. Wynn said there is reasonable doubt because Carlos Arguello lied so much.  All his lies fuel a doubt into Mr. Woods' culpability.  Witness testimonies were such that none were able to establish Woods’ involvement in the conspiracy or reckless disregard for the law. 

Richard Wynn:  There is no kickback money to Woods.  Where is the money?  (There’s) no quid pro quo agreement with USA (Photocopy).  You have to establish there was tit for tat. 

Wynn brought up the testimony of Orange County District Attorney investigator Jennifer Friedl.  He reads from the transcript of Friedl’s prior testimony in this trial:

From the Transcript:

Richard Wynn:  At the preliminary hearing, you testified that there was no email or document with Jon Woods discussing any kind of kick-back or financial cross referral scheme.  Is there anything that has changed since that preliminary hearing?

DA Investigator Jennifer Friedl:  Not that I can…  No, no.

Richard Wynn:  Is that still your testimony?  At the preliminary hearing…  is still consistent today? 

Jennifer Friedl:  I would say yes.  My memory was fresher then; so I – I am not going to change my answers.    

Richard Wynn brought forth the testimony of the infamous Carlos Arguello, who admitted there was no conspiracy with Jon Woods.  In Arguello’s testimony he stated there was no conspiracy for Woods to use Arguello’s doctors, no conspiracy for Woods to use C&E Technology, Professional Documents Management, and no incentive either for him to use C&E and PDM. 

Wynn brought up the testimony also of Tanya Arguello, Carlos’ sister who worked for him.  Tanya admitted to no conspiracy with Woods. 

From the transcript: 

Richard Wynn:  And you would be able to see all the books and cut the check and see what’s coming in and out, right?

Tania Arguello:  Right.

Richard Wynn:  Okay.  Very important question here.  Have you ever issued a check to my client, Jon M. Woods, for any kind of kickback?

Tanya Arguello:  Myself?

Richard Wynn:  Yes.

Tanya Arguello:  No,

Richard Wynn:  On behalf of any of the company that Carlos Arguello had?

Tanya Arguello:  No. 

Richard Wynn:  Is it fair to say that none of your brother’s company ever gave any money to Mr. Jon M. Woods?  

Tanya Arguello:  Correct.

Wynn discussed Dulce Gallegos’ testimony.  She worked at Carlos Arguello’s call center.  She testified that the lawyers were not required to use Providence Scheduling.  Woods was not involved in the scheme with the medical doctors.  She confirmed the 3-way calls from the call center and advised that Arguello in many ways kept her in the dark.  

Wynn argued that the prosecution doesn’t want the jury and others to know that Carlos Arguello is trying his best to frame Jon Woods so he can get less time.     

                                                         , Lonce Lamonte, journalist; all rights reserved adjustercom and Lonce Lamonte 


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